Boyd Lighting

Introducing The Blade Pendant

This sleek, minimalist design is perfect in its understated elegance. Emitting a powerful, inviting glow, it seamlessly blends style and functionality into any interior space.

The Callisto Series

The Callisto Series features brass and alabaster orbs that cascade through your interiors. Each alabaster sphere is hand-turned and features a unique pattern and natural beauty. Designed by Boyd Studios.

The Lily Pendant Series

The Lily Series emulates the form of a Lily of the Valley that blooms with delicate white flowers. The series has a natural sense of balance and proportion that translates into beautiful, functional design.

Beautiful Lighting Solutions

Boyd Lighting blends time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art LED technology to create beautiful lighting for inspired residential and commercial environments. Handmade in Colorado.

Modified Boyd Fixtures

All spaces are unique, and some require modified solutions. This rendered image shows a modified version of our Loop Pendant for a site-specific restaurant location. Engineering reconfigured the design to be fully illuminated with a centrally mounted j-box.

Live on the Resources Page

Our new digital catalog is a testament to Boyd's vision for the last five years of Schuyler Sweet. This efficient tool lets you cover contemporary Boyd quickly and engagingly, especially when viewed on an iPad. We've also included a presentation version for those who prefer PowerPoint or Keynote.






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