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Volterra Illuminated Mirror

The Volterra Illuminated Mirror is the first mirror designed by Doyle Crosby for Boyd. His fascination with alabaster created the framework for a unique design that turns a decorative mirror into an illuminated piece of art.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Boyd Lighting is a one-hundred-year-old lighting studio, blending time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art LED technology to create beautiful lighting for inspired residential and commercial environments. Handmade in Colorado.

Ghost Parabolica

The Ghost Series by Doyle Crosby expands to a functional "racetrack" shape in three lengths; 60", 72", 84." The Ghost Parabolica is designed to illuminate large spaces from conference rooms to dining rooms and commercial office spaces.

The Spire Leaf Pendant 9

Boyd Lighting Accessories Eclipse Mirror

The Eclipse Mirror

A perfect round mirror eclipsing a halo of warm indirect light.






Decorative Mirrors