The Branch Series

Inspired by nature. Achieved with the latest technology. The Branch Series is iconic and minimal. A functional and directional work of art.

Roger Thomas: 30 years of Collaboration

"The opportunity to work with Boyd means working with a manufacturer that builds objects that are intended to be inherited. Boyd is a family business. It's four generations of a company that is 100 years old. I think the idea of inheritance has never left the company. So what they create is so enduring and of such quality. Boyd is a classic and enduring fit. You can pass it on.”

Designer Deirdre Jordan

“The Loop series is a little like a trio of sculptural objects. They aren't trying to be art, but they have an identity. They're not seeking just to be practical, they have a shape that's singular and identifiable.”

“Modern design is very challenging and I'm so pleased with how Boyd resolved the details. If all of those nuances aren't fabricated well, all of the subtleties will be revealed.”

About Boyd

Boyd Lighting is a fourth-generation design company dedicated to creating beautiful, artisan-made lighting, handcrafted in Colorado.

Image: Boyd's Brilliant Fabrication Team