Boyd Lighting

Image of a Modified Branch Pendant

Modified Boyd Fixtures

All spaces are unique, and some require modified solutions. This rendered image shows a modified version of our Branch Pendant. A client needed the length to be 10 feet which required engineering to re-design the suspensions and connection points. 

The Callisto Series

The Callisto Series features brass and alabaster orbs that cascade through your interiors. Each alabaster sphere is hand-turned and features a unique pattern and natural beauty. Designed by Boyd Studios.

The Numi Linear Pendant

Striving to create an elegant solution for linear spaces, we created the Numi Linear Pendant. Solid walnut is accented with our hand-finished brass and features performance LEDs that provide direct and indirect illumination to light up your amazing interiors.

Volterra Illuminated Mirror

The Volterra Illuminated Mirror is the first mirror designed by Doyle Crosby for Boyd. His fascination with alabaster created the framework for a unique design that turns a decorative mirror into an illuminated piece of art.
Boyd Lighting Accessories Eclipse Mirror

The Eclipse Mirror

A perfect round mirror eclipsing a halo of warm indirect light.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Boyd Lighting is a one-hundred-year-old lighting studio, blending time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art LED technology to create beautiful lighting for inspired residential and commercial environments. Handmade in Colorado.

The Spire Leaf Pendant 9

The Spire Leaf Pendant 9 is a beautiful focal piece and can be used to create large systems in grand spaces. Designed by Jake Oliveira.

Ghost Parabolica

The Ghost Series by Doyle Crosby expands to a functional "racetrack" shape in three lengths; 60", 72", 84." The Ghost Parabolica is designed to illuminate large spaces from conference rooms to dining rooms and commercial office spaces.






Decorative Mirrors