Boyd Lighting


William Boyd, the patriarch of the Boyd-Sweet family, creates Boyd Lighting to blend beauty and architecture for Northern Californians, 1921


Boyd developed both residential and commercial lighting, working with architectural luminaries like Timothy Pfleuger and Julia Morgan, focusing on theaters, clubs, and the SF Opera House and Herbst Theater


During World War II, Boyd converted to an essential business, supporting the war effort, since metal could not be used be decorative consumption. The picture shown is of Dorothy Boyd Sweet and Jack Sweet, 1945


Infrastructure was the keyword after WWII. Ecclesiastic buildings were booming, as were highways, suburbs, and a new concept of “shopping centers”. Boyd assists Alex Cushing with lighting for the upcoming Squaw Valley Olympics.


The ’60s were “mod” and it was a time of hotel construction, clubs expanding, exciting new bars and restaurants opening, as Americans celebrated their successes in business and life


The renovation of the Iolani Palace of the Kings, Honolulu, shown here, was the capstone of Jack Sweet’s career. Jay Sweet joined Boyd full-time in 1975, and Doyle Crosby joined in 1982. Their teams helped transform Boyd to become a renowned national lighting company


Boyd created the Pfister Wall bracket, designed by Charles Pfister, bringing Boyd critical acclaim and ushering in one of Boyd’s golden ages of design


Boyd and its architects received the AIA Gold Award for the renovation at 944 Folsom St. while Barbara Barry and other designers created new collections for Boyd


Todd Rugee kicked off the new millennia by introducing Boyd’s new Kentfield Collection with his smash success, the Cascade, while Boyd tested the architectural and design markets with new and unique products by a diverse group of designers


Schuyler Sweet joined Boyd, working his way up, ultimately bringing Boyd’s products back to the version of simple, elegant, and technically-forward designs, to complement specialty, American and International projects



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