Unique designer lighting that will wow your clients

The Boyd Lighting Ovalo Chain Cluster chains multiple loops together to form large installations as a focal piece for your project.

Unique designer lighting that will wow your clients

Installing the correct lighting in any setting is important if you aim to implement a unique atmosphere or mood in a space. Making use of layered lighting is critical to creating a beautiful and functional lighting plan.  When choosing the right lighting products to support this layered-look, please consider including made-to-order, professionally-designed lighting fixtures into your overall design plan. This will complement and enhance the look and function you are aiming to achieve as an interior or architectural designer. 

To make certain your lighting plan works, don’t forget about the lighting controls, particularly dimming. This is of utmost importance. Dimming has become more complicated with LED’s and different wiring configurations that can be found in newer versus older construction.

The art of designer lighting in luxury homes

Many luxury homes have more rooms, higher ceilings, and sometimes detailed molding which may be a work of art in and of itself. Well-positioned wall and pendant fixtures, together with some direct accent lighting and decorative fixtures will enhance the visual and visceral enjoyment of these rooms, corridors, entries and other spaces.  

Success in designer lighting means delivering what the client wants

If you want your design to wow your client, you must do your research to ensure that you deliver unique concepts. Exceed your client’s expectations by incorporating Boyd Lighting products into your thoughtful interior or exterior lighting design. Clients value their lighting designers for bringing original, modern ideas to their design plan.   Boyd’s products are designed by creative, professional designers for use in sophisticated lighting and interior design projects and programs. These designs are typically unique, often patented, and made to be inheritable.  This is a term Boyd uses to mean the design is classic, in the sense it is not trendy, and will not go out of style quickly. Our products are made of robust, often, non-ferrous materials in a manner that will challenge the tests of time. This is what we mean by inheritable.

When creating a lighting design for your client, be sure to address each of these aspects: level of lighting, type of lighting, color of the light, color of the reflected light, and the distribution of light. Each of these must be coordinated to develop a proper lighting design.

Top brand and styles

Boyd Lighting offers an abundance of designer lighting to choose from.

  • Our classic range of lighting provides over one hundred and fifty different elegant designs customized into 4,000 combinations from which to choose.
  • Our ceiling light category consists of eye-catching pendant pieces as well exquisite light chandeliers.
  • Our wall fixtures feature wall sconces that provide practical lighting functionality and fit snugly to most any wall. Our in-wall fixtures give a very clean architectural appearance to any space.
  • We have a modest collection of outdoor lighting that ranges from transitional to modern pieces using different color temperatures and finishes which you may find appropriate.
  • We are always investigating new design trends to provide outstanding and unique lighting fixtures that will complement any design vision.

Mastering ambiance with lighting

Ambient lighting is described as general lighting providing the overall illumination for a given space. At a minimum, it should offer safe, comfortable, and pleasant movement throughout the space. Lower Kelvin temperature lighting (2700K) that has more yellow, orange, or red hues sets a warm, relaxed and romantic atmosphere, while high-temperature kelvin LED and bright lighting will usually be reserved for a space that is designed to energize and invigorate. Boyd Lighting frequently has different LED’s, with different color temperatures, available to create the look and mood you desire.

Lighting can further be categorized into task lighting and accent lighting. Each style of lighting is designed for a specific purpose and each will contribute to setting the tone for the overall atmosphere you wish to achieve.

  • Task lighting is meant to provide enough effective illumination for specific tasks or duties, to light your way for everything from reading a book, to make-up, or to perform detail-work like knitting, rendering, or needlework.  Examples of where task lighting can be placed are in home office spaces, living rooms, hotel lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere a task is being performed. Don’t forget, there should be a good layering of overhead lighting and smaller lower level lighting in addition to the task lighting.
  • Accent lighting directs lighting to highlight particular features of a space in which you may want to place emphasis. It is meant to complement the functional design of the space by highlighting architectural features, decorative elements, or artwork. 

Designer lighting for any design project

Using designer lighting in luxury homes, hotels, private clubs, and restaurants provides that unique and exclusive touch your client expects and deserves. Hand-crafted artisan lighting fixtures will elevate the design with a distinctive look and aesthetic to each space. Contact your local Boyd Lighting Representative about using, or customizing it’s lighting fixtures to make them contextural for your client’s specific needs.

Designer lighting trends for 2021

Trends in lighting can sometimes be a bit more difficult to define as everyone has their own unique style and preferences. However, there are a few lighting trends that are set to appear on the scene in 2021. 

Some of these lighting trends include:

  • Modern and minimal lighting – The newest trend is elegant, modern, LED  lighting fixtures without visible hardware. The style points here are in the scale, the finish, and the purpose of the handcrafted lighting fixtures and how they are integrated by the designer or architect into the space. These fixtures may be overscale or they may be minimal to let the architecture better speak and not distract from the elegance of the space.
  • Art Deco and Mid-century Lighting – Art Moderne, or Deco is characterized by geometrical details and symmetrical patterns. Mid-century on the other hand encompasses design from around 1952-1971 with LED updates for today’s lighting needs.
  • Retro or industrial lighting – These lighting features are designed to be more of a statement piece incorporating looks for old factories from 1900-1940 with sometimes a modern update. Boyd Lighting was known for this between 1970-1990.   
  • The vintage trend is here to stay in 2021. Vintage style lighting gives character and classic appeal to a space. Since Boyd has been in business since 1921, perhaps you might look for a vintage Boyd Lighting or Kentfield Collection fixture, possibly available on Etsy, First Dibs, or eBay.
  • While not specifically a lighting trend, color trends are important to know.  For example, lower K temperature lamps (2000-2700K) work better with warmer colors, and higher K temperatures (3500-5000K) work better with cooler colors. According to Benjamin Moore, colors that are trending in the New Year 2021 include: rosy peach, camel, gray cashmere, and aegean teal.

Timeless pendant lights

Most trends will ebb and flow, but pendant lights are here to stay. Pendant lights add elegance and function to a luxury home as well as other design projects. With a vast array of styles and materials available, Boyd Lighting offers unique and striking pendant lights for your lighting design plan from our Game of Thrones-like Comet, to the sleek and mysterious Ghost.

Finding a lighting design company

The artisans at Boyd Lighting are more than just suppliers. We design and handcraft each piece specifically for your professional design plan. Our lighting fixtures are created to reflect your client’s individuality and allow your design vision to come to life. At Boyd Lighting we offer a wide range of designer lighting fixtures that are sure to suit the look you envision for your client. Contact your local Boyd Lighting Representative for more information about our comprehensive lighting range.